Remodeling, Addition of Living room, Kitchen, Rebuilding Deck:

Falls Church/ Lake Barcorft, VA are. This project is to rebuild the existing living room to raise the roof line with new larger sliding doors, windows and all other improvements to living area and kitchen of the home.  The decks will be rebuilt with new decking and railing material.

ViewRail Staircase:

This project was to replace the existing staircase with ViewRail glass stair system.  The project needed demo of old steps and wall framing, reinforcing existing framing to install and secure the new staircase system.  The glass railing is about 1/2" thick and mount on end of steps.  On flat areas the glass mounts on a heavy duty steel U shape channel with moulding covers to close the open channel.

Screen Porch Project:

This project is to build a screen porch and 500 sqft patio.  The concrete work is stamped concrete with slate stone design in patio area and hardwood in screen porch area.  The screen porch will have one side solid wall and two sides open to backyard.  There will be two retractable screen and plexi clear to use the space in cold season also.

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